Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My comments posted on Economic Times webpage blog by Keki Daruwalla: 

Why BJP needs to change the mindset of its members against minorities

Ghulam MuhammedMumbai1 min ago

Keki Daruwalla's advice to BJP is like a voice in the wilderness. BJP as a political proxy of RSS, cannot write off 90 years internalization of the Idea that India belongs to Hindu -- read Brahmins. They are in a hurry to take advantage of the majority -- first past the poll -- government to bring in major changes as per their old agenda. That agenda in principle wants India to be free of Muslims, even though they are Indian citizens and number a huge 150 millions spread out all over the country. It is a piece of luck that 150 million Muslims are silently tolerating all the communal discrimination and even genocidal riots without any violent reaction. But the danger is always lurking. Modi is in a hurry as if he is aware that BJP will not remain in power for long and they must take advantage to push their communal agenda, mainly focused against Muslims. Love Jihad, Ghar Vapsi, beef ban are a series of measures that BJP/RSS are deeply committed to, as an ideological commitment to their constituency. It is therefore impossible for them to take advice of sane elements in the society at least for a time, till situations change. It is unfortunate that ET should add a disclaimer to Keki Daruwalla's wise counsel. Media too is blinded by visceral hate and that is not good for the future of the nation.

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