Thursday, April 16, 2015

How ‘communalism’ hovers over the destiny of India By Ghulam Muhammed

How ‘communalism’ hovers over the destiny of India

By Ghulam Muhammed

India is at the threshold of a historical breakthrough. It has potential for reaching heights of progress and development as well as challenges that can usher in a neo-colonial stranglehold on entire Indian economy as well as its cultural expanding into a well defined civilization. This time around, unlike British, Portuguese, French and Dutch colonizer trying their luck to conquer India through the force of arms in the 18th and 19th century, the neo-colonizers will lasso India with huge amounts of paper investments, in which they themselves will remain indebted to a world, that dare not name its name. Like the earlier wave of colonizers, Jews will be the lead strategists and funders to all such foreign enterprises and as in earlier phases, they are relentlessly committed to their own priorities in shaping the world to their own dreams of a World Order. Earlier they camouflaged their moves under assumed identities like British, French, Dutch et al. This time around they are sufficiently confidant to come out openly to claim their victim’s total surrender to their diktats.

In India, they are playing the game of divide and rule, by taking advantage of the communal divide that was planted by the British colonials in India and using this communal divide to subdue India. While at face value judgment, President Obama’s praise for Modi’s rag to riches story depicting India’s dynamism and potential as a great nation, he has not find it convenient to analyze how Modi’s rise in Indian politics differs from the normal opportunity-led nations’ cleaner pathways. Modi has shot up a communal hate-mongering fascist organisation on the basis of its ‘triumph’ in teaching a lesson to the uppity Muslims in the post-Godhra state-wide genocidal pogrom. US Human Rights watch-dogs have appropriately kept alive the final verdict on how to deal with a supposedly state sponsored massacre of innocent civilians in Gujarat, by working against any lifting of the ban on Modi’s visa to visit the USA. 

However, Obama disregarded the massacre as a minor blip in national or international historical events and lauded the assumption of power by Modi, strangely on that same murderous record of Muslim bloodletting that could not fit into Obama’s own sense of dynamism and opportunities. 

One can place this bloody event as one off happenstance, if it is not tied up to an ideology that can rival with Islamism in its worst avatar. ‘The clash of civilization’ that Jewish British Historian Bernard Lewis had first identified and named in his famous article published in ‘Foreign Affairs’ magazine, could hover over India’s future in such a menacing scale that India’s future development will assume the same scenario that Europe had gone through in last century. It is time that Modi should realize that the way his and his party’s Hindutva is hiking the stakes in their Hindu-ization of India, is fraught with dangers that are not unknown in history.

Modi should not forget that while British were supposed to give up their colonial rule, they, Churchill in particular, came out with partition of India, as they wanted a part of India for their own strategic exigencies. Jinnah and Muslim League were minor details for them. Nehru, Patel and Gandhi thought once Muslims are out, they can rule India as their own undisputed property. They fought decades to nurse the dream. However, it was difficult to throw out the overpowering presence of the West, while we were trying to stand on our two feet. That partition of land has now gravely translated into partition of ideas. An Idea of India and an Idea of Pakistan! Both will be called upon to fight it out on our soil; while the neo-colonials will be there to pick up the pieces.

In his zeal to cut ribbons, hug opportunist friends and let international Zionist conspirators seep into nooks and corners of this vast country, like cockroaches in summer, he may push India into a big time arena, where its mettle may be tested much before it has gained strengths and stability. Modi must realize that the term ‘communalism’ should not be treated as something long known to India and easily subject to taming; it can take many shapes as peripherals change all around us. In the kaleidoscope of events and characters, India is treading on a tapestry that is renewing itself time and time again. Modi must come to term with its fellow countryman, the Muslims. India should be a united India to face the rest of the world.