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Salman Khan betrays Gujarat Muslims By Abdul hafiz lakhani Ahmedabad

Salman Khan betrays Gujarat Muslims

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By Abdul hafiz lakhani Ahmedabad

In Gujarat this year Eid-a-milad was a bit bitter for most of the muslims as Bollywood hearthrob and actor Salmankhan met CM Narendra Modi on this auspicious day and he also enjoyed Kite flying with Hinduu nationalist leader and BJP Prime Minister candidate who is so called accused in 2002 Gujarat riots.
After meeting Modi, it is being discussed in power corridors of Gujarat that salimkhan–father of salman may get ticket for Bharuch Loksabha seat in coming general election.

Salman Khan meeting Modi is being seen in political circles as an attempt to appease the minority community on the day of Eid to garner votes ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.

Salman Khan may have had a great time at the Kite Flying Festival in Gujarat with Modi but this has not gone down well with a section of Muslim fans.

Modi has been under fire for the communal riots in his state during his governance where hundreds of Muslims were killed. They see Salman’s hobnobbing with Modi as a gross betrayal of their community.
This reporter talked to a few of Salman’s Muslim fans and here’s what they said. “Would SalmanKhan still meet Modi to promote his movie if one of his relatives had been killed in the Gujarat riots?”
asked,Sadik mansuri who runs a small tea shop at Juhapura. “He should have considered the sentiments of his Muslim fans before accepting Modi’s invitation,” said,sajid memon a student from Kalupur. Looks like Salman just can’t help controversy tagging close to his heels.

Uzma a student said, “This is a cheap publicity stunt. Though I am a huge fan of his acting, he has tarnished his image

.”Zafar Sareshwala, a critic-turned-admirer of Modi, was also present on the occasion. They were seen flying kites with local BJP leaders like Kamlesh Patel and Rakesh Shah.

The International Kite Festival is being celebrated from January 12 to January 14 here.
Bollywood star Salman Khan on the occasion of Makar Sankranti in Ahmedabad last Tuesday, the BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi appeared obvious. He not only had lunch with Modi, but also flew kites. Sallu Modi and the cadences of the photos on the internet and social networking sites have been the subject of discussion, but these photos appeared on the face, which was not mentioned much. Her name Sreshwala Zafar, Salman’s first meeting with Modi as he was routed. Sreshwala Ahmedabad, renowned businessman and Salman’s father Salim Khan are known to be very close.

Not only that, Salman Khan or Shahid Siddiqui, Maulana Madani Casmi or Maulana. Narendra Modi bridge between minority and grafting these giants Sreshwala do it. You would be surprised to know that at one time he was one of Modi’s hardline opponents

(Google translation from Gujarati?)

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