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Arnab Goswami's father Manoranjan Goswami belongs to BJP - By Sohail Siddiqui

Arnab Goswami on home ground

The sudden change in Media coverage of AAP has taken people with surprise and it is of some note to find Times of India in front page column had to explain to its readers that TOI is not for paid media coverage. That should hardly convince its reader of the sudden change in its policy, when each and every news story it splashed on Kejriwal, was more like a TOI editorial rather than plain reporting. TIMES NOW's Arnab Goswamy did not have to miss any step when it started dancing for BJP. In a panel discussion on Communalism, it got representatives from 3 political parties, but did not hesitate to bring in an RSS representative which claims not to be a political party and still was allowed to participate in an election debate by Arnab Goswami. In face, TIMES NOW's choice of Communalism as the first of the series of topics on Election issues, is helping both BJP and Congress to project 'communalism' as THE issue that will/should characterize the coming Lok Sabha election. Both corruption drenched political parties are loath to fight election on the issues of good governance and development and have supposedly enlist the services of TOI to bring 'COMMUNALISM' on front burner.  
The following story by a very aggressive Muslim web news site, has finally exposed Arnab Goswami, whose secular credentials are now very suspect due to his upbringing in a household head by a strong BJP politician. Ahmed Siddiqui should be lauded for bringing this fact to public domain.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai
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Arnab Goswami's father Manoranjan Goswami belongs to BJP

Col(Retd) Manoranjan Goswami father of Arnab Goswami of Times Now Tv Channel , resembles LK Advani and Robert Vadra's LATE Father Eric Vadra

Rahul Interview part of BJP and Congress alliance post 2014 Lok Sabha election results

[ - 27-01-14-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui]

Arnab Goswami’s father Manoranjan Goswami  contested the 1998 Lok Sabha elections as a BJP candidate from Guwahati. He got 157309 votes but lost to Congress candidate Bhubaneswar Kalita who received 285482 votes. Source - Election Commission of India: 

Rahul Gandhi Interview to Modi Financed Times Now TV Channel today at 9 p.m.

Arnab Goswami embedded with Anti-Muslim forces has pulled a coup for Modi he has through known Anti-Muslim Congressmen like Digvijay Singh and Rajiv Shukla got Rahul Gandhi to give interview o this Anti-Muslim channel "one to one" on Times Now TV channel. After Rahul's  interview to a Hindi Daily last fortnight the first ever to any newspaper this is Rahuls first to any TV Channel.May be the next in line would be an Interview to a group of Urdu Editors employees of Saffron corporate owners of Urdu Channels and Urdu Newspapers.

Welcoming the Times Now Tv Interview of Rahul Gandhi by Arnab Goswami the sala - bahnoi from BJP and Congress Ravi Shankar Prasad and Rajiv Shukla were shown welcoming the Interview on Times Now TV Channel confirming the joint strategy of BJP and Congress behind this Interview on Modi financed Times Now TV Channel.

NDA and UPA are one in their economic policies,Ram Mandir issue and their treatment of Muslims in India. Since Narsimha Rao government they are jointly running India with sharing power alternately.Now the country has reached a situation that neither the UPA nor the NDA enjoys any credibility among the people to be able to form government in next 2014 elections. Hence silently Congress under Rahul is supporting Modi as prime Minister and he himself has been assured of the PM post in 2019.This shadow boxing between BJP and Congress is out in open.But the emergence of AAP as an alternative to the saffron alliance of UPA and NDA has threatened the apple cart of the fascist forces.Hence they have opened another channel to help them come to power in 2014 elections by working together on issue common in their manifestos.The first step towards this is the Digvijay Singh push to form a alliance with BJP post 2014 results to form a joint government in New Delhi.

Modi financing Media outburst against AAP.

Though our small website has been writing this with evidence in our possession that 900 crores has been paid to Times Now Tv Channel under Arnab Goswami for promotion of Modi. These are clearly felt in the coverage by Arnab Goswami run Times Now Tv Channel when it promotes BJP and Modi everyday.As part of promotion it run downs the real challenger to emerging alternative to NDA and UPA. Even that poor chap Rahul Gandhi who thinks he is extremely intelligent in fooling people in the shadow-boxing with Modi is appearing on Arnab Goswami Show on Monday 27th Jan'2014 at 9pm which proves every word which we have been writing about these people true. Modi financed channel interviews Rahul Gandhi.


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