Thursday, March 23, 2017

Broken Duck eggs at half price by Ghulam Muhammed Siddiqui

Memories: Broken Duck eggs at half price

Those were the days. Father, Haji Din Mohammed Siddiqui, had lost his eyesight due to a failed operation by the newly UK returning Dr. Banaji. All our home economics had collapsed. Mother, Kulsum, had to do with meagre resources. However,  6 children eggs must have for the breadfast. We resided in one room at Ghoghari Mohalla, till 1948 we shifted to Bandra. I was sent out to bring eggs from Null Bazar market. We went with a bowl. The egg shops have special price for Duck eggs, as they were smelly and could not compete with hen's eggs. The shop keeper had another discount of half price on broken eggs. I took the bowl, to buy that half price Duck's eggs that usually were damaged in transit or mishandling. Today, Mumtaz, our House Keeper mentioned Duck's eggs that she used to buy as delicacy and paid higher price. I instantly went back to those days of my childhood, when I used to carry that bowl of broken duck's eggs all the way from Null Bazar to my home in Ghoghari Mohalla. A seventy year gap, when it came up in discussion. I thought I must record it somewhere. I turned 80, this February, 2017. Health is OK, though suffering from that tumor on the chest pressing lungs. A slight exertion and I start breathing hard. But otherwise OK. I am home bound, read newpapers, fiddle with Samsung Tab and write comments to newspapers.

Ghulam Muhammed Siddiqui, son of Late Haji Din Mohammed Siddiqui and Late Kulsum Begum.

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