Monday, October 24, 2016

Islam and Hindutva by Ghulam Muhammed

Monday, October 24, 2016

Islam and Hindutva

Since the arrival of Narendra Modi, a lifetime parcharak of RSS, as Prime Minister of India, with huge convincing majority in Lok Sabha, a string of measures have been unleashed at several levels in politics, society, and economy to ‘crush’ Indian Muslims.

A cursory study of the reasons for this negative avalanche of enmity towards Muslims, equal citizens of this pluralist, multicultural republic, would reveal several factors that are in public domain.

However, there is a much deeper motivation that drives the political votaries of Hindutva to counter Muslims and Islam, and that could be pure jealousy.

Brahmins at the head of the caste hierarchy have been fully aware of the common origin of their monotheistic ideas and ideals. They however, having imposed on themselves a non-military life-style had been no match for Muslim invaders who had both an ideology and the means to nourish it in a favorable social environment.

Brahmins helplessly observed how the monotheist Muslim, with identical ideology of religion, could marshal forces, create States and use its resources to achieve both a worldly prosperous existence as well as a life-style conducive to harmonious social environment conforming to Islamic fundamentals.

Brahmins, a fairly educated tribe had nurtured deep jealousy against Islam. Even though they admired or appreciated so many facets of Islamic Sharia, they had gone on some distance with their caste-ridden hegemony to be able to bring about any change to adopt Islamic norms in their conduct, or join Muslims in converting Hinduism to a class-less, idol-less, generous version of even their own Vedic based religious beliefs.

Now that through exploitation of secularism and democracy as tools of convenient power-grab, Hindutva had acquired State power, they have ambitions to spread out like Islam, to all over the world albeit with their pagan images of soft power. In this age of modern communication, compared to 14 century old Islam, they do have some beginner’s luck to bedazzle the unsuspecting world with their demonstrative razzle dazzle of song and dance rituals. However, the deeper content of Vedic truth cannot be long covered up and it has to acknowledge and trod the same monotheistic path like Islam, if it has to get any foothold in the hearts and minds of  uninitiated looking for alternatives to their failed religions, be that Christianity or Marxism.

Hindutva’s singular misfortune is to fall for the help, assistance, agency, surrogacy and guidance of Jewish Zionism that has a historical world record of burying their clients while making a big hoopla of their king-making prowess. Not universally realized is the fact that even behind the British colonization and its final disintegration, the British Jewry were always there reading out their mantras at each step of the way. India was done in, more by the Jewish British than the British themselves. One can easily pick out Jewish names in Britain’s 200 years of Indian colonization and exploitation. 

Specimen of Jewish intervention in world history of rise and fall of global movements are too many to escape Hindutva opportunists.

No doubt, in India over the millennium, Hinduism as distinct from Vedic religion had impacted several Islamic practices that were and are contrary to Islamic basics. 

However, with the new age of open societies in the ever shrinking global village, even Indian Islam is opening up to essential basics, gradually shunning practices mimicking Hindu rituals. More so to confront Modi’s direct interference in Muslim affairs! The old Empire is preparing to strike back. Viva the Mullahs!

As a humble servant of Islam and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) I am duty bound to call all Brahmins who have intellectual capacity to absorb both Vedic and Islamic traditions, to hear the call of your inner being and have the courage to read Shahada (There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is Allah’s servant and messenger) and join the ranks of the righteous and the rightly guided. 

I pray to Almighty to open the hearts of all Brahmins wherever they are, to the truth of their special duty to the creator.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

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