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Muslim women smash false propaganda against Muslim Personal Law - By Abdul Bari Masood - MuslimMirror.Com


Muslim women smash false propaganda against Muslim Personal Law

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Muslim women smash false propaganda against Muslim Personal Law; say so-called liberal groups used as tool by anti-Islamic forces.
Abdul Bari Masoud
New Delhi:  Strongly condemning the false propaganda and tirade   against Islamic law unleashed by some letter-head organizations and women andolans with a section of media, highly-qualified Muslim women today announced that they will not accept any change in the Muslim Personal Law and alleged the “so called” Muslims liberal groups and andolans are being used as tools by anti Muslim Personal Law forces in the country.
Muslim personal board woman members said they vehemently opposed any amendment in the Sharia Law arguing that it guaranteed them equal rights and protect their dignity and self respect. They asked the media and so-called sympathizers of womenfolk that why Muslims are only targeted and blamed for the poor status of Women in India. Dowry death, child marriages, female foeticide and crimes against women are rampant in India Society.
In the wake of continued attack on Sharia law,   woman executive committee members of All India Muslim Personal Law Board addressed media persons at the Press Club of India here to smash the web of falsehoods created by some dubious character ‘Muslim women with the help of a ‘biased’ media.
Dr. Asma Zehra (Executive Member AIMPLB) asserted that divorce rate is least in the Muslim Community. Quoting an article published in the Hindustan Times to support her point, Dr Asma stated that in India the Divorce rate in metro cities of Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore has increased to 350% in last 5 years. Bangalore had 3 family courts which were increased to six last year. Majority of couples seeking Divorce belong to IT sector and there are many cases seeking Divorce within months of Marriage.
“Then why are Muslims targeted for Divorce, and why is Muslim Personal Law being attacked that it is prone to misuse”, she asked.
Woman members said the so-called and self-styled organizations    have presented a false concocted data in their survey report, in which it was shown that 92% of Muslim women were in favour of Ban on Triple Talaq & amendments in the Muslim Personal Law. It was also presented that 50 thousand men & women have signed a petition to the NCW (National commission for Women) to abolish the Muslim code for divorce.
They said they strongly denounced such survey & self made petitions saying a section of Media is only highlighting the issue of Triple Talaq to show that huge numbers of Muslims Women are suffering because of this provision. However, it never pays any attention to towards pathetic condition of Muslim women.
In Islam Talaq “Divorce” is an unpleasant discouraged act. If both the partners fail to reconcile, then divorce is a Safe – exit for unsuccessful marriages.
The methodology & procedure of Divorce is clearly explained in Qur’an & Hadith. Triple Talaq or Divorce in one sitting is a Bidath (Discouraged) form of Divorce. The Media is portraying this matter with hype & out of proportion.
They said that such fringe groups & andolans have no credibility amongst Muslim masses and they have no right to advocate for any changes, amendments in Muslim Personal Law on behalf the Muslim community.
They said that Muslim women of this country have full faith with Muslim Personal Law and all those persons who want change and unprincipled life style are free to follow the civil code of the country. They can get married under the Special Marriages Act.
Secondly the allegation of Gender bias is repeatedly raised to attack Islam & Muslims. It is portrayed that Islamic Law is “Anti women” & “Cruel”
Islam guarantees equal rights to both Men & Women. Men are given the role of care taker of family and ordered to treat women kindly. India ranks 136 in gender equality. Some corners are raising demands for divorce through courts. The present Lower & High Courts are already burdened with large number of cases. Average time for disposal is 4 to 8 years. If any party files for higher court then the disposal time period will be more that 8 to 12 yrs.
In contrast Muslim personal Law has simple easier more successful way of solving family disputes though Darul Qaza or Shariah courts. Shariah courts support & lesson the burden of Judiciary.
Saira Banu and Afreen have filed a petition the Supreme Court. These cases may take years. No court in the world can ban Divorce & force any person to continue married life.
“We will not tolerate any interference in the Muslim Personal Law. All the Muslims Group, organizations, Jamaats, Masalak, unintedly oppose any effort to make amendments in “Divorce” Laws. We shall try to protect our basic constitutional right by peaceful democratic way”.
Besides Dr. Asma Zehra, the press conference was also addressed by Mrs. Mamduha Majid, Member AIMPLB, and Mrs. Zinat Mehtab Convener Islah-e-Moashra for Delhi Women, Prof. Samina Tabish Joint Convener Islah-e-Moashra for Delhi Women and Mrs. Umme Aimen Member Islah-e-Moashra for Delhi Women. They were flanked by AIMPLB executive member Kamal Farooqui who also spoke on the occasion.

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