Monday, November 23, 2015

Tarek Fatah chats about his journey and views with Asif Javaid in Bakama...

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  1. Tarek Fatah rightly mentions British and US role as the chief promoter and sustainer of a military Western outpost till today. However, he is frustrated that instead of communists ruling Pakistan, the Islamic motif has been still dominating the narrative. There is a clear plan of communists to hijack Pakistan as well as India, to win the subcontinent for the Soviets. The communists have failed against nationalist movements in both Pakistan and India. The worst part that Soviet Union itself evaporated. Now the same Communists, Leftists,liberals in all hues, are fighting back in frustration. Tarek Fatah does not have any positive agenda. His negativity overtakes his sanity.

    Ghulam Muhammed 1 second ago
    Tarek Tatah was asked a question: about his views on two nation theory. This crazy man is so obsessed with his own confused logic that he cannot give a clear-cut answer to a clear-cut question and rambles on with his twisted logic on several irrelevant subjects --- irrelevant to the question asked. The man cannot talk straight, like a drunken man cannot shoot straight. Too much compressed details in his mind robs him of speaking plain.
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