Tuesday, October 13, 2015

There is surely a method to this Beef Madness


  1. There is surely a method to this Beef Madness. Both for longer term targeting of Muslims, in one case as businessmen and in another as voter. While the world has come to realize that India is the second most important beef ( actually Buffalo beef and not cow or bull beef) exporter, not much is known by wider circles that Muslims are the main beneficiaries of this huge export business opportunity. RSS/BJP/Brahmins cannot tolerate Muslims making money and improving their economic status at least in some pockets. Once in the saddle at the Central and some state governments, they have now cracked down on beef slaughter. The manipulation may be to hijack the entire been export to their own Hindu exporter and let Muslim be the menial worker. So this is a longer term plan being executed at breakneck speed, lest BJP does not come into power again. Second, is of course, the electoral compulsion. The more Muslim is identified and vilified as killer of the mother cow, the more consolidation of Hindu vote will be against the Muslim voters as well as the supporting secular classes. If beef crackdown can polarise the communities, BJP can assure itself a complete control of the both houses of parliament and pass legislations without bothering for any opposition from any quarters forthwith. So there is a method to this Beef Madness, that has to be addressed by the victims and opposition to frustrate RSS/BJP’s dirty games tactics. The way they have antagonized the entire world against their open fascist methodology to rule India, the world has to be rightfully alarmed. India is most vulnerable at so many levels and BJP/RSS cannot confront the world as much as they would like.

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