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What keeps Yogendra Yadav mum on Haryana riot?

29 May 2015 05:05 PM, IST

What keeps Yogendra Yadav mum on Haryana riot?
Yogendra Yadav addressing Swaraj Abhiyan members in Ahmedabad on 26 May 2015 (Photo credit - Swaraj Abhiyan)


New Delhi, 29 May 2015: Four days have passed since the rioting and arson in Atali village of Faridabad district in Haryana left over 200 Muslims homeless and over a dozen of them wounded, but ‘son of the soil’ Yogendra Yadav of Swaraj Abhiyan, a faction of Aam Aadmi Party, has not yet uttered a word on the violence in his home state. Crudely speaking, he could be making a ‘fine balance’ not to antagonize his potential voters from the majority community in Delhi’s neighbouring state which is set to be the venue for his electoral debut after leaving AAP.
The incident took place in Atali village on 25th May evening but Yadav was so busy in Gujarat event of his Swaraj Abhiyan that day that he could not say a word on the riot. But on 26th May also, his all-time active twitter and facebook pages remained silent on the riot but active on the Gujarat event. Similar were 27 and 28 May. It was only today i.e. 29th May when Yadav has 'woken up' – and that too just to retweet Swaraj Abhiyan’s post saying: “Swaraj Abhiyan has been trying to douse the fire in village Atali of Faridabad distt right from the day it erupted.” The text is followed by a link which takes one to Yadav’s facebook page where yesterday he had actually shared a Haryana lawyer Ramzan Chaudhary’s post on the Atali violence. It is clear: he or his group did not want to take any stand on this issue.
Was he really so busy that he could not take out a couple of minutes to clearly and directly denounce the communal violence in Haryana? Maybe. Or maybe he is behaving like a 'smart politician' who does not antagonize any.
Hasnu Khan at hospital in Faridabad

Atali Violence

Till 5 PM on 25th May, almost everything was normal in this village of a mixed population of Hindus and Muslims. But what happened in next two hours that day has changed the look of the village for long and divided the hearts perhaps for years and decades to come. The loot, arson and rioting targeting Muslims in the Atali village once again signifies that the menace of riot continues thriving in India irrespective of which political party rules the country or states.

Muslim women from Atali village taking shelter at Ballabgarh police station

Dozens of homes, vehicles and shops of Muslims were ransacked and put on fire by a mob of the Hindu majority community as they were against the reconstruction of an old mosque whose title suit was contested in the court. Hundreds of members of the minority community had to flee their homes to save their lives while dozens of them were wounded as the rioters chased and attacked them with crude sharp weapons. Even four days after the rioting, over 200 people are still sheltered in the premises of Ballabgarh city police station.

one of several houses looted, ransacked and set on fire in Atali village

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  1. By choosing not to comment on such tragic attack on Muslims in his own constituency, Yogendra Yadav is openly siding with the rioters and giving them tacit support over their murderous deeds of cowardice. Tomorrow when Yogendra Yadav comes for Muslim votes, he should not complain if they donot trust him and not give him their votes.