Saturday, May 23, 2015

Creating ripples on foreign shores - The Times of India - | My comments

My comments on Times of India webpage over news story:Creating ripples on foreign shores

Ghulam MuhammedMumbai3 mins ago

Modi is travelling the world with a vengeance, having been denied US visa over his controversial role in 2002 Gujarat genocidal riots. He has elephantine memory and will not easily forget that he was humiliated world over, as he was denied a US visa, the ultimate public insult. Even now that the US has lifted his visa ban, he is not satisfied till according to him, the world gives him overwhelming reception and acceptance. That shows he cannot run from his role or supposed role of commission and/or omission in Gujarat riots that rocked the conscience of the world, if not India. He had remained a marked man for all this years and he is trying his best to paper over that hurt and humiliation.

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