Thursday, August 14, 2014

Who is playing this media game? Ghulam Muhammed | Kalyan’s ‘ISIS Jihadis’ are just boys working in Syria, says NIA now -

Who is playing this media game?

Why media across the nation print bogus and fake stories on Muslims, raising people's scare of terrorists, while hauling up or demonizing Muslims. Screaming first page headlines are nothing but collective defamation of 200 million Indian Muslims, who are helpless silent spectators of this dangerous media game. Are the Media itself is being blackmailed by secret agencies and other state organs to plant such fake and unsubstantiated news about Muslims, which they again and again have to retract. Why Justice Katju who is most vocal practically on everything in the news, is silent on what is going on in Press Council in his own watch. Courts free those innocents after years in unreasonable incarcerations and still the persecution authorities hound them for years later. India is becoming a lawless country. If justice and fairness evaporates from public domain, peace, security and integrity of the nation become unsustainable. Sane elements both in government agencies and media should stop playing these media games or they will severely test and later lose people's goodwill.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai
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Kalyan’s ‘ISIS Jihadis’ are just boys working in Syria, says NIA now

By Nazia Sayed & Divyesh Singh, Mumbai Mirror | Aug 14, 2014, 02.00 AM IST
Kalyan’s ‘ISIS Jihadis’ are just boys working in Syria, says NIA now
One is working in an oil plant and the other in a hospital in Rakka, the headquarters of the outfit.
At least two of the four Kalyan youngsters said to have joined the ISIS jihad have not taken up arms but are working in an oil refinery and a hospital in the Syrian city of Rakka, where the outfit is headquartered, sources in security agencies have told Mirror.

While central agencies have verified the information, parents of at least one youngster told Mirror their son spoke to them and confirmed that he had not taken up arms on behalf of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Sources from the National Investigative Agency said all four youngsters, who were reported missing during a tour of Iraq on May 29, have been traced While the NIA has verified information that Fahad Shaikh is working in an oil refinery and Saheen Tanki in a hospital, there is no information about Arif Majeed and Aman Tandel.

Shaikh, 24, a mechanical engineer, called his residence a fortnight ago and told his mother he was working in an oil refinery in Rakka. Tanki, 25, an HSC dropout, is working as a medical assistant at a Rakka hospital and helps in the treatment of those injured in combat, central security sources said. The sources said they have intercepted conversations of the two with their families. The two have said they will continue to live in Syria.

"I was away at my clinic when Fahad had called," said Shaikh's father Tanveer, a doctor. "He spoke to his mother and said that he was not fighting for any terrorist organisation. He said he is being paid Rs 52,000 a month for the job at the refinery. It is a huge relief. We immediately informed the local police and agencies. Fahad also spoke about another boy who has joined a hospital."

Tanki's and Tandel's families refused to comment, while Majeed's family could not be reached. The four youngsters had left their homes on May 24 without informing their families and flew to Iraq, where they visited religious shrines as part of a group of 40 youngsters. They disappeared from Mosul on May 29.

Anti-Terrorism Squad chief Himanshu Roy said, "We are aware of the developments and are closely monitoring their movements."

An ATS officer said what the youngsters have told their families cannot be taken on face value. "We cannot say they have not joined the terrorist organisation over there," said the officer. "Their location has been traced to Rakka, which is the ISIS headquarters. Every organisation or the institution over there is controlled by ISIS. So it does mean that they are working for a terror outfit even if they haven't taken up arms."

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