Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Petition seeks stay on Modi election from Varanasi - By Vinaya Deshpande - THE HINDU, English Daily, Chennai, INDIA

My comments posted on The Hindu website, though still under moderation:

If this petition succeeds, practically all members of Lok Sabha could be vulnerable. It seems Late Raj Narain's spirit is still stalking India. Trying times for judiciary, already on ropes. One hopes this scenario does not end in another emergency, or India will never have any election for long time.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai
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MUMBAI, August 12, 2014
Updated: August 12, 2014 17:10 IST

Petition seeks stay on Modi election from Varanasi

Vinaya Deshpande

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In this April 24, 2014 photo, Narendra Modi waves to supporters during a road show before filing his nomination in Varanasi.
PTI In this April 24, 2014 photo, Narendra Modi waves to supporters during a road show before filing his nomination in Varanasi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent crores as a candidate from Varanasi during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections campaign, thereby violating rules of expenditure, a writ petition filed before the Bombay High Court on Tuesday has claimed.

The petition filed by a Pune-based social activist against Mr. Modi, the Election Commission of India and the Union of India, has sought a stay on the election result from Varanasi till the plea is heard. It has also sought investigation and legal action against Mr. Modi.

Petitioner Hemant Patil has alleged that Mr. Modi took support of “various capitalists including Ambani, Adani, etc., and expended in large with violation of provisions of law.” He has said the expenditure resulted in giving full majority to the BJP and getting Mr. Modi the position of a Prime Minister.

“The Election Commission has allowed only Rs. 70 Lakh for one candidate in Lok Sabha election but Mr. Modi has never considered the same and (has) expended more than Rs. 5 to 10 crores on each and every candidates including himself,” the petition has claimed.

It has accused Mr. Modi of spending crores on the media campaign as well.

‘EC influenced by Mr. Modi’
Mr. Patil has claimed that he had sent a written complaint to the Government of India and to the Election Commission, elaborating the election malpractices of Mr. Modi. But, he said he hasn’t yet heard from any one of them about the action initiated against the Prime Minister.

“I immediately made written complaint on 29/03/14 of offences committed at the instance of Narendra Modi violating provisions of the Indian Penal Code and Representation of People's Act, but till now both of them have neither inquired the said complaint nor they are willing to initiate legal action against Mr Modi under his influence,” the petition alleged.

It has prayed to the court to direct the Government of India and the Election Commission to produce the records of his complaint, and file a report within a stipulated period.

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