Saturday, June 28, 2014

LiveMint/WSJ create war hysreria in India?

 LiveMint/WSJ create war hysreria in India?

Dear Ms.Sidin Vadukut (Live Mint/WSJ)

Though the subject of war in relation to India as an independent nation has been receiving comparatively less space in mainstream media,the impact of Mint's  so many full pages coverage of an old war in which an enslaved nation was dragged, will not go unnoticed,as once again West is on the rampage and this time around,it has once again targeting India as a source of armed involvement in bloody wars in India's neighborhood.

All the media propaganda about bloody events in Iraq and Afghanistan is deliberately focused on dragging India into western conspiracies while pulling out their own bloodied and bruised armies under the dubious pretext that it's India's own security that is at stake while West is merely acting as protector of world peace and security.

I am sure as an Indian while based in UK and exposed to current media focus on the war in the middle east, you may find it rather difficult to switch to the focus that I drawing your attention to.
I feel India as a young nation recently liberated from 150 year colonial rule,and very strategically keeping itself aloof from big power politics, should deliberate thousands of times before being lured or forced to send its troops abroad. India as a warring nation does not have such security or material stakes around the world at the moment, nor has enemies that can threaten its survival, as per norms that move the WEST to all corner of the world, falsely propagating existential threats to its existence. Liberalization has opened INDIA to the global market place. However, a robust commitment to peace, like Japan, should be our diplomatic endeavor, strictly refused to be drawn in world conflicts.

I thought, as a writer, you may be requested to ponder over this side of the development and not force India to celebrate if not mourn the loss of Indian lives in both world wars, when India was hardly in a position to take an independent and informed judgement on joining the murderous wars between countries, with whom we hardly had any close contacts, alliance, etc.

West, especially US, under the aggressive tutelage of Israeli conspirators is making very long term changes in its relationship with Indian establishment. The new Modi government, starved of power for decades, has gone on a limb to submit to US and Israeli manipulations. Its so-called experts fumble openly when called upon to opine on sudden demands West makes on India.

It is silly to believe Arnab Goswamy, TIMES NOW anchor, who goes ballistic on threat to India, by terrorists taking over Iraq piece by piece.

I deeply resent and protest MINT/WSJ promoting war hysteria in India, to back up their government's war efforts by unleashing ingenious media blitz to create war psychosis in Indian rank and file. MINT's cover story is certainly readable and interesting. But the poison that it is spreading by manipulating events in the Middle East and Muslim world, to demand India to get involved. Indian society is very fragile and its peace and integrity is bound to be adversely affected, if India is victimized by US, UK and Israel.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

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