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This is in response to Mr. Mohammed Adeeb's message posted by Mr. Pasha Patel on NRIndian google group.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Friends, ASAK

Mr. Muhammad Adeeb's very timely and emotional account of despair should come out with some positive steps if we focus on unity and a non-self-appointed leadership.
I propose a democratic organizing of the 25 crore Indian Muslims, or at least the registered Muslim voters, as per records with the Election Commission.
An 'ALL-INDIA MUSLIM ELECTION COUNCIL’ be formed, preferably by  young Muslim IT professionals, granting all Muslims an open membership of the Council --- on one person one vote basis.
Let all Muslim registered voters be listed on an open publicly available data-bank.
The choice of  IT based organisation is to save cost, opt for transparency and usher in young blood into the mainstream of political mobilization.
The Council shall have conveners at all block level constituencies, who will first monitor the membership registration drive. A FREE membership, like AAP membership, is promoted, though by definition all Indian Muslims will be considered general members of the Council.
With the help of our internet resources, we can have nationwide referendum, to elect National Executive members. That exercise should cut across all existing leadership conglomerates and open a real democratic opening to a new leadership based on local grass-root mobilization.
All convening team members of the Council, would pledge to be neutral and not be partial to any stakeholders for leadership team.
Widest numbers of National Executive membership aspirants would be encouraged to place their names for being voted by the membership.
That National Executive elections are not held till at least a sizable percentage of members is registered on the Council Website and are fully identifiable and verifiable.
The IT team should be highly motivated and committed to the idea of forming a democratic leadership of 25 Crore Indian Muslims that may eventually take up the mobilization of a political cadre as well as aspirants of elected posts.
Those who are interested, my as a start contact me at the following address and contact numbers with preferably their contact details.
It may be clear from the outset, that we will not form a Muslim Political Party. Instead we will encourage forming a Muslim led secular party that will be most inclusive.

Ghulam Muhammed Siddiqui


Temporary internet contact: <>

601, Seacroft, Shirly Rajan Road,

Bandra West

Mumbai - 400050 . INDIA

Phone: 918286930388

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