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A 'Muslim' Police Commissioner for Mumbai? - My comments posted on Mumbai Mirror website

A ‘Muslim’ Police Commissioner for Mumbai?

Taboo for both ultra communal Sonia Congress and Sharad Pawar’s NCP.  

Both coalition partners in ruling Democratic Front widely posing as ‘secular’, are bending backwards to woo Muslim voters of Maharashtra to entice them to vote them back into power!!!

However, when it comes to giving in to Muslims, even symbolically, both cannot suppress their communal prejudices.

A meritorious clean IPS officer, Javed Ahmed, due for the post through his seniority, was passed over and the post was given to Rakesh Maria who has been involved in so many controversies, including murder of Karkare and alleged bribing of witnesses to help police case.

Do Sonia and Sharad Pawar think, they got Muslims voters all bound, sealed and delivered to their doorsteps?

This one act of bad faith is enough to undo all their bogus claims to be fair for Muslim voters.They must realize, AAP is lurking on the horizon.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

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CP’s post was my right; it hurts that I have been denied

Sources said the police officer felt frustrated by the government's decision to promote him to the director general's rank, thus robbing him of a chance to head the Mumbai police.

A day after Mumbai Mirror revealed that he had lost the race to the Mumbai police commissioner's post, a dispirited Additional Director General of Police Javed Ahmed told his close friends on Monday that he was contemplating premature retirement.

Holed up in his official apartment in Yashodhan building behind Mantralaya the entire day, Javed refused to take calls from journalists. However, close friends, including those within the police ranks, said he was deeply disappointed with the government's decision to promote him to the director general's rank, thus robbing him of a chance to head the Mumbai police.

The Mumbai police commissioner is an additional DGP rank post and this newspaper in its Saturday's edition broke the news of the Police Establishment Board recommending Javed, and Thane Police Commissioner K P Raghuvanshi for promotion to DGP's rank.

Of the five DGP posts in the state, only two - DGP, state police; and DGP, Anti Corruption Bureau - are considered prestigious. The other three posts - DGP, police housing; DGP, security corporation; and DGP, home guards - are known as 'side postings' and mark an inglorious end to an IPS officer's career.

With both the posts of DGP, state police; and DGP, Anti Corruption Bureau not falling vacant till 2015, Javed, 58, would get only one of the three side postings. Something that he does not seems to be too kicked about.

The DGP, state police, Sanjeev Dayal, who is the senior-most DG, retires in September 2015 and he will be succeeded by Praveen Dixit, who is currently DG, Anti Corruption Bureau. Dixit will retire in July 2016, by when Javed himself would have retired.

Javed, known as an upright officer in the force, currently holds the law and order portfolio. Before this, he was the Navi Mumbai police commissioner - both considered active policing jobs. "The Mumbai police commissioner's post was my right. It hurts when you are denied your due," Javed told a source, and revealed that he was considering voluntary retirement rather than accept such an uneventful end to his career.

If Javed takes voluntary retirement, he would become the second Mumbai police officer to do so in less than a month. Late last month, the then Mumbai police commissioner Satyapal Singh took voluntary retirement and joined the Bharatiya Janata Party. While Singh said he quit the force because of his interest in politics, he too had faced the same dilemma as Javed - if he had continued, he would not have got a shot at the two top DGP posts.

Javed was done in by the politiking over the police commissioner's post. Satyapal Singh was due for promotion in April last year. If he had been promoted, Javed would have been the top choice to replace him.

But when the files for promotions were sent to Home Minister R R Patil, he sat on them for months, allowing Satyapal to continue in the post. And when Patil cleared the promotions late last year, the CM's office procrastinated endlessly.

It was only when Satyapal applied for VRS that the government woke up and began the process of looking for a new CP.

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The Times of India


Maharashtra CM faces criticism

for near-surrender to NCP


,TNN | Feb 17, 2014, 04.10 AM IST

MUMBAI: A day after the biggest reshuffle in the IPS, chief minister Prithviraj Chavan is at the receiving end for near-surrender to the Sharad Pawar-led NCP as well as the prolonged delay in the appointment of the city police commissioner.

"Chavan accepted the NCP proposal on the new police commissioner. Had he accepted the proposal earlier, criticism of the government for policy paralysis could have been avoided. We were unable to take a decision on the new CP for 15 days after Satyapal Singh quit,'' a senior IPS official told TOI on Sunday.

The official said ever since DG (home guards) Sridevi Goel retired on March 31, 2013, there was a debate within the government on the new police chief, since Singh was due for promotion that day. For six months, no decision was taken, and on September 30, when Anti-Corruption Bureau director Raj Khilnani retired, IPS officials were again expecting a reshuffle. But no decision was taken as there was no consensus within the Congress and NCP.

Initially, additional director-general Ahmed Javed was the top contender, followed by Thane police commissioner K P Raghuvanshi and additional DG Vijay Kamble, and the 1981 batch of Satish Mathur, Rakesh Maria and Meeran Borwankar.

"Chavan had discussed the proposal with R R Patil and Praful Patel. The CM had proposed Javed as new CP, but no decision was taken, as the NCP felt that Maria should lead the Mumbai police in view of his experience here,'' he said.

When Singh suddenly quit the IPS, Javed was out of race, as the government had to promote him, and the Congress proposed Kamble as the CP. "The Congress and NCP had several rounds of talks on Kamble and Maria. The Congress insisted on Kamble, while NCP insisted on Maria but no decision was taken,'' he said.

In view of mounting media criticism, Chavan had informal discussions with Patil and Patel, and agreed to Maria and the entire list of 86 officers due for transfer was cleared.

"The process was fast-tracked after Patil accepted the recommendations by Union home minister Sushilkumar Shinde, Chavan and former chief minister Ashok Chavan,'' he said.

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