Monday, November 25, 2013

For Muslims, the USP of Kejriwal is his effective challenge to Congress/BJP cartel - Ghulam Muhammed

Monday, November 25, 2013

For Muslims, the USP of Kejriwal is his effective challenge to Congress/BJP cartel

As the Delhi assembly elections are nearing, both Congress and BJP have gone into an overdrive to attempt and wipe out the first effective challenge to their hegemonic cartelization of Indian politics, by filing complaints after complaints with the Election Commission, in a desperate attempt to debar Kejriwal and his AAP party from the election itself. Though the Election Commission is an independent body, the pressure on it to go strictly by the rules, in the case of AAP shows how discriminatory Indian system could be when high stakes for ruling class is involved.

In this context, the Muslims are still undecided if they can hazard their votes on AAP or go the traditional way of blindly voting in Congress. However, in wider perspective of this development of an alternative, that has dared to challenge the two corrupt national parties, should not be missed by them, to ‘teach a lesson’ to Congress, that they too can deal with Congress the way it deals with them. This is a golden chance for Muslim voters of Delhi, to break the logjam of political monopolization by these two Brahminical formulations, that have no regard, no respect for the people of India and are in the business of politicking merely to amass their illgotten wealth by robbing the national assets without any fear of accountability. Both parties are committed to Corporates, who are funding them openly and reserve their quid pro quo in award of opportunities to them through illegal means.

For Muslims, the antecedent of Kejriwal may not be clear; whether he is a RSS man, or Congress proxy, or foreign agent and they are not willing to junk Congress. However, as long as Kejriwal with all his ambiguities and alleged warts, is giving the two giants a run for their money; he should be wholeheartedly supported.

If Muslims want to be liberated from Congress stranglehold, this is their golden chance to pull Congress down to a level, that it may have to beg Muslim support for the coming Lok Sabha election and should be forced to earn their votes. There does not have to be free lunch for Congress now on.

As portents are clear that Kejriwal will be made to suffer through dramatic intervention by Election Commission, neither Kejriwal nor Muslim voters of Delhi will be able to gauze their electoral strength through the polls. But if he survives, Muslim should not miss a chance to humble Congress in its den.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

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