Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Akhilesh has a job on hand - By Dr. Mookhi Amir Ali

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Akhilesh has a job on hand
It is alarming to learn that the recent riots in Muzaffarnagar may change the demography and the land holding pattern of the region unless Akhilesh government acts with some alacrity. Thousands of Muslims have left their land with ready to harvest  crop of sugarcane standing in their fields. It is reported that the Muslims’ former neighbor Jats have given a call that the one who harvests the crop will own the land.
Naturally it will be Jats who will harvest the crop in the absence of Muslim owners of the land who have fled to the relief camps. Also new locks are seen on some Muslims’ houses, placed by Jats thereby appropriating the land and homes of the displaced people. Hopefully these are isolated cases but the authorities should be alert to the possible jungle raj in the offing. Akhilesh Yadav should take up the challenge head on. He must act with promptitude to see that the rule of law is not usurped. There is a danger, otherwise, of the temporarily displaced population becoming permanently displaced. Also restoring the legendary communal harmony between Jats and Muslims will have to be given great effort. The central government should extend both moral and material support to the state government towards these ends. Yes, criticizing Akhilesh for not being able to prevent the violence is justified but the need of the hour is to heal the wounds and the restoration of status quo ante.  Muzaffarnagar should not be allowed to become Gujarat post 2002.

Dr Mookhi Amir Ali <drmookhi@hotmail.com>

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