Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Will some big calamity hit Indian Muslims, now that a Muslim will head Intelligence Bureau - By Ghulam Muhammed

Will some big calamity hit Indian Muslims, now that a Muslim will head Intelligence Bureau

Congress government in particular and other governments following Congress pattern, are known to front a Muslim to do a hatchet job on Muslims. This is the theme of a news analysis by Aalam Naqvi, former editor of Urdu Times-Mumbai, who still writes for Urdu Times, from his base in Lucknow. Mr. Naqvi points out how when Urdu was cleansed out of the entire North India, to give prominence to Hindi, Congress had put Maulana Abul Kalaam Azad at the Union Education Ministry. The message coming out was, that if the gross injustice to Urdu is to be systematically carried out, let the blame be on a Muslim, and that too on the head of such a prominent leader of Muslims. The communal Congress leaders, thus tried to escape direct blame. Similarly, when Indira Gandhi had plans to take out minority status of Aligarh Muslim University, she used another Muslim name, that of Noorul Hasan who was appointed Education Minister to do the dirty job. A Muslim name became Indira Gandhi's shield to divert any adverse reaction to her government. In the aftermath of  Babri Masjid demolition and the widespread riots, PV Narasimha Rao picked up Syed Sibte Rizvi and included him in his cabinet, to placate Muslim anger by giving out the signal that Narasimha Rao is not against Muslims. He further promoted Zafar Saifullah to the very important post of Cabinet Secretary. All this was supposed to be a public relations exercise to project Congress as a secular political party. The short term of V.P. Singh witnessed another balancing act, when the extremist Hindutvadi, Jagmohan was made governor of Jammu and Kashmir, while the Union Home Ministry was given to Mufti Mohammed Saeed. The way Jagmohan carried out his Tuglak like campaign clearing Kashmiri Pandits to flee Kashmir, as he was planning to do a big crackdown in Kashmir. He was to be a savior of Kashmiri Pandit. Later the blame for the forced exodus fell on Kashmiri Muslims.

The latest entry of another Muslim name --- Syed Asif Ibrahim, as new Chief of the IB (Intelligence Bureau), has been applauded by many Muslim commentators, who are in the habit of routinely praising such token exercises of appointment of Muslims in high places as a favour to Muslim voters. However, according to Aalam Naqvi, it is time for Muslims to brace for some possibly another nefarious Congress plan to hit Muslims, with the convenient Muslim name at IB, giving appropriate cover to communal elements in Sonia Congress.

With Sonia Congress now tottering in the wake of corruption scandals, it has to plan some big communal event to consolidate Hindu votes in order to dent BJP's constituency. IB may be in the background of any such vicious strategy. Muslims better be warned.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


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