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India becoming police state for Muslims By Syed Zubair Ahmad -

India becoming police state for Muslims

By Syed Zubair Ahmad,

Looking at the way Muslim youths are being harassed, terrorized, chased, kidnapped and illegally arrested by the police and intelligence agencies, it seems there is no law, no government, no judiciary, no parliament, and no respect for the human rights at all. It seems that emergency has been imposed on the Muslim community. Lawlessness has become order of the day. Slowly but firmly, anarchy is taking the country into its grip and India is heading towards becoming a police state – at least for Muslims. The government, the administration, the police and the intelligence agencies of this country are suffering from worst kind of Muslim-phobia.

Police and intelligence agencies have got a free hand to do whatever they like the way whatever they like. Implicating Muslim youths in false cases has become their prime job. They are accountable to none.

Sometimes it appears that police and intelligence agencies are running this country. Time and again when the matter reaches the court, the court issues some directions and rebuffs the police and intelligence agencies. But after a short break they resume harassing and kidnapping Muslim youths with more aggression and intensity. Gradually the largest democracy of the world is becoming a country of highest number of custodial deaths, tortures, illegal detentions and killing of innocent people in fake encounters.

Relatives of people arrested outside Sakinaka Police station in Thane on 16th December 2012
Police of several states pounce on every new Muslim terror suspect

A Muslim youth is arrested by Delhi Special Cell then Mumbai ATS comes to catch and interrogate him. After Mumbai ATS finishes its job, Karnataka ATS pounces on him. After Karnataka, comes the turn of Gujarat police. Four years have passed since the serial blasts of Ahmedabad and Delhi and an undisclosed number of Muslim youths have already been arrested in those cases. Yet, when a Muslim youth is picked even today for his suspected role in any new terror case, Police of Delhi, Gujarat and others take his custody and interrogate him for the past cases. Does it mean that the police of those states have little evidence against those youths they arrested four years ago and are still in jails? Does it mean that investigating agencies are still groping in dark in connection with those terror cases?

When Mumbai ATS nabbed an alleged IM operative in January last year, Special Cell of Delhi police cried that the arrested person was their informer. Then arrived Home Minister of India to clear the clouds. There is a professional competition and rivalry among different police and security agencies to catch Muslim youths as terror suspects and claim resolution of the unsolved case.

SDPI activist Zakir Hussain being detained for holding strike for AMU campus in Murshidabad on 11th July 2012

Police and intelligence agencies have got into habit of violating the laws of the land. In many cases they didn’t follow even a single guideline of Supreme Court. Violation of human rights is becoming their hallmark. While making the arrest they do not inform the local police, nor are the parents of the arrested persons informed within mandatory 24 hours.

Impunity for lawbreakers in uniform

It appears that there is impunity for the perpetrators of illegal detention, tortures, custodial deaths and killing of innocent people in fake encounters. Looking at the current state of affairs one may believe that there is a constitutional guarantee for these shameful acts in the ‘Largest Democracy’ of the world. The perpetrators of these shameful acts are not punished. More disgusting is the fact that the culture of impunity for the perpetrators is being nurtured, protected, encouraged and safeguarded by the establishment. The most shameful and disgusting is the fact that perpetrators of these inhuman acts are being promoted and awarded. In short, the culture of impunity for the perpetrators before the law is taking the country towards a very dangerous zone.

Members of Muslim organizations protesting against illegal action of police in Jamia Nagar, New Delhi on 26th February 2012

The poor, deprived and the marginalized segment of the society including the discriminated minorities particularly Muslims are being subjected to these trials and tribulation. In the name of National Interest, the humanity is being stripped of dignity. Human is being treated like sub-human and a large number of deprived citizens of India are being forced to live like third class citizens of this country.

One can imagine what would have been happening to the people of north east region and Kashmir when in the heart of the national capital at midnight the ATS and Special Cell personnel surround the locality of Jamia Nagar to pick workers from Bihar in the name of Bangladeshis. A policeman comes in civil dress and leaves a scooter at the shop of a bike mechanic, then in a few minutes another policeman arrives and tries to arrest the mechanic in connection with the theft of the same scooter. Several such cases are happening in Delhi and in other places also.

In May this year, the Karnataka ATS picked up a youth from Darbhanga in Bihar without informing the local police, took him to Jharkhand and presented him before a local court then took him to unknown destination.

According to law, he should have been presented before a Darbhanga court. Last year, Delhi Special Cell picked up a 55 year old cycle mechanic Kafeel Ahmed from the same Darbhanga in the name of IM. The old man used to repair bicycles at his shop from morning to evening to earn hardly Rs 100 a day. After the Malegaon blast of 2006 a vegetable vendor was arrested. When a Muslim leader reached the house of the arrested vendor, his whole family was hungry and the Theli of the arrested vendor was standing before his dilapidated house. The old and weak father of the arrested boy was unable to stand up properly. The family was unable to bear even the expenses of traveling to meet the boy. An unknown ATS team kidnapped two Kashmiri students from a train at Aligarh Junction in May this year, tortured them for seven days in illegal custody and released them at a Jammu police station only after lots of hue and cry from the media and the educational institution filed a habeas corpus case in Allahabad High Court.

SDPI activists including elder persons being pushed into police van in Murshidabad on 11th July 2012 for holding strike in the city to demand construction of AMU campus

Important Questions

The question is: Does our police, investigating agencies and judiciary depend on a confession of an Aseemanand to save the life of those arrested earlier? For how long would the innocents be languishing behind the bars? For how long will the unchecked witch-hunt of Muslim youths continue? For how long would the police and intelligence agencies keep on framing and implicating Muslim youths in false cases?

Save the country from anarchy

The protectors of law have become lawbreakers. The judiciary is mum. The politicians are enjoying the luxuries while the poor, the deprived and the marginalized segment of the society are suffering. The discriminated Muslim minority is at the receiving end. Our country is gradually heading towards anarchy and complete lawlessness. The civil society should come out to save the country from becoming a police state.

Laws of the land must be respected by all.

(Syed Zubair Ahmad is a Writer & Journalist. He can be reached at

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