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''According to a family folklore of my friend Raashid Jung, the Nehru family era ended with the demise of Rajiv Gandhi. I am writing this as a matter of record. Jung reports that Motilal Nehru was his grandfather's Munshi (law partner in Allahabad). They were close. When Nehru was to leave for Cambridge, Motilal asked Samiuddin to accompany father/son to a seer in Kanpur. The seer placed a hand on Jawaharlal's head and after a brief trance, pulled his hand in shocked state. He told Motilal, you have brought to me the King of India and India will be under their rule for 3 generations. It is not sure if the seer either predicted or blessed Jawaharlal Nehru. But it is clear that the 3 generation of Nehru ended with Rajiv Gandhi. Those who believe in such prophesies, and there are legion of them in India, neither Sonia nor Rahul will rule India in de jure positions. Now it is for Congress Party to chalk out a new life without the crutches of Nehru family.''

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