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Blanket State Policy to put Muslims within 3% in Civil Services By Syed Zubair Ahmad - | When will Indian Muslims get out of the Brahminical stranglehold on their existence, if ever? - Ghulam Muhammed

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When will Indian Muslims get out of the Brahminical stranglehold on their existence, if ever?

Indian National Congress, under the secular leadership of Nehru, Gandhi and Patel (sic) was supposed to be even handed in treatment of all Indian citizens. As the Nehruvian family took over Indian governance as family business, they meticulously managed to manipulate entire national policies, even some aspects of Indian’s most celebrated and humane constitution, to see that Indian Muslims should remain outcasts. Their existence was merely required as vote bank to ensure that Congress is not thrown out by other ambitious Hindu and lower caste groupings. Congress tolerated Indian Muslims only for the sake of their vote bank USP. Meanwhile, it put so many initiatives in the works, to see that Muslims may never get to the power center that any democracy will ensure for them. Proactive discrimination was institutionalized to ensure that Muslims should remain as the lowest of the low category of Indian citizens. India at its freedom juncture, had acquired a shining world status as role model to throw out the colonials with non-violent means and shape their nation as a beacon of light to the rest of the colonized world. It therefore had to be careful with its Muslim minority. Any wholesale disenfranchisement would have mortally damaged India’s standing in the comity of the nations. It therefore opted to inflict a series of thousand cuts to decimate Muslims as a vibrant and talented community. One of those cuts was to keep Muslims out of government bureaucracy that in fact rules the country.  One can imagine the enormity of the discrimination that a 3% Brahmin minority occupies by far the majority of the civil servants, chosen through Union Public Service exams; while 15% Muslims are being kept at the ratio of just 3%. That is now confirmed in a roundabout way, as even though more and more Muslim students are given rigorous training to appear for the civil service exams, especially this year, the results that has come out, has enormously damaged the morale of Muslims, as their ratio is still the same 3%. That clearly appears to be a manipulated ratio. Congress seems to be in a state of withering fortunes. Muslims could have saved it, just like it saved communists in West Bengal and brought Mamata Banerjee now with their en mass support. But with each day passing, Congress perfidy is getting more and more exposed and that is sure to damage Congress prospects in the coming 2014 parliamentary elections.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Blanket State Policy to put Muslims within 3% in Civil Services

Submitted by admin7 on 14 May 2012 - 12:22am
By Syed Zubair Ahmad,

When Hamdard Study Circle was founded by Hakeem Abdul Hameed in 1992 for the preparation of students of weaker section of society, particularly Muslims, for Civil Services Examination, Syed Hamid, the ex-vice chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University and an I.A.S himself was very excited at that moment. For him a dream was going to be materialized in few years. Syed Hamid was the Honorary Secretary of Hamdard Education Society, under which Hamdard Study Circle runs. But after twenty years his dream is still a dream and nothing changed on ground level. The numbers of successful Muslim candidates never increased from certain level, say three percent. The former bureaucrat failed to understand the bureaucratic system of India. At that time he was of the view that reservation for Muslims would be a counterproductive and may result into incompetency among Muslims .But now after struggling from pillar to post for the cause of Muslims the bed ridden ex-bureaucrat is advocating in favor of reservation for Muslims in government jobs and education.

2010 Civil Services topper Shah Faisal with Saiyid Hamid at latter's residence in New Delhi on 6th May 2010

This year when the final result of civil services examination was declared the percentage of successful Muslim candidates remained as expected. It seems it will never cross the level of three percent whatever comes.
After the establishment of Hamdard Study Circle several coaching institutes for the preparation of Muslim candidates aspiring for Civil Services were opened but nothing changed and the percentage of successful Muslim candidates remained almost the same. Surprisingly the number of Muslim candidates clearing the prelims kept on increasing but at the end they could not cross the limit set by ‘Blanket State Policy’. At the same time its policy makers kept on misleading Muslim masses by putting a Muslim candidate on the top of the list time and again so that they could say there is no discrimination in this system. There may be some truth but no one can deny the fact that there is discrimination with Muslims at every level even in judiciary.

Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh congratulating IAS topper Dr. Shah Faisal on 28th May 2010
Final results of Civil Services are announced every year in May. Have a look at last five years results:
Result Declared
No. of Successful Candidates
Muslim Candidates
% of total No.
May 2008
May 2009
May 2010
May 2011
May 2012

For example there is not a single Muslim judge in Delhi High Court or in Lower Courts here from last twenty years while many candidates clear the written test but could not make it to find their name in the list of successful candidates. (There is only one judge Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed in Delhi High Court who was an advocate and promoted as judge. He is the son of former President of India Late Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed).

In fact Muslims have become a sandwich between backwardness and discrimination. Forget about 255 OBC, 157 SC, and 78 ST successful candidates in UPSC this year, imagine 21 physically challenged were selected while putting all category together only 30 Muslims were selected. Keeping in view their share in population at least 115 to 150 Muslim candidates should have been selected.

Yumkhaibam Sabir (right) being felicitated by DAMMS in New Delhi on 5th May 2012. Sabir is one of 30 successful Muslim candidates in Civil Services 2012

A new twist also emerged in this scenario. Since an unannounced quota for Muslims in civil services is almost fixed, no matter how many Muslim candidates appear for this examination and clear Mains. In 2010 a Kashmiri Muslim topped the list and this year 9 Muslims from J&K were selected. It seems to bring Kashmiri youths in mainstream the formula of quota within quota has been created. But it should also be noted what happened in Kashmir because of continuous discriminatory policy of Indian government.

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