Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012


It is surprising that DNA & TwoCircle.Net should be a willing conduit to release this piece of mischief-mongering news, at the exact timing, when All India Muslim Personal Law Board is holding its public session at Mumbai's Azad Maidan and where thousands of Muslims are congregating to hear from their elders, about the evil designs of some communal elements in either Congress or the government bureaucracy. All issues that AIMPLB is  raising are the most disturbing to Muslim minority and instead of a democratic secular government, addressing them in true democratic fashion, is poised to take revenge on Muslims for not voting for them in Uttar Pradesh elections. This is an open challenge to India's democratic values. Government must accept the verdict of the people and should not allow fascist elements to take over its governance. It is common knowledge that government agencies have deliberately projected SIMI as a violent organisation, though court cases against arrested SIMI members have been overwhelmingly thrown out without conviction. Government is abusing its powers to demoralize Muslim agitators, who are merely agitating for their constitutional rights. It exposes the cowardice of the agencies that now they have resorted to planting media stories without having to face accountability. But justice is not dead in India, yet.



‘Simi front’ hosts Muslim scholars’ meet in Mumbai

Published: Sunday, Apr 22, 2012, 8:24 IST
By Iftikhar Gilani | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

The Khair-e-Ummat Trust, which is organising the three-day convention of the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) in Mumbai, has been declared as one of the frontal organisations of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (Simi) by the government in an affidavit filed before a judicial tribunal here earlier on Thursday.
The trust is among the 51 organisations the government believes are Simi fronts that aid the regrouping of its cadres to revive the banned outfit. The one-man justice VK Shali judicial tribunal began the hearing on the continuation of Simi ban last Wednesday.

A background note filed by the home ministry, the copy of which is with DNA, states that Simi has managed to keep its network alive through clandestine activities and frontal organisations. In Maharashtra, the documents listseight such organisations, with the Khair-e-Umaat Trust topping the order. Others from the state included Adara Khair-e-Ummat, Tehreek-e-Hayat-e-Ummat, Sabid Tulba Ki Tanzeen, Isla-e-Mashra, Fargen-e-Jamaat, Khidmat-Khalaq and Quran Foundation.

It also mentions Juhapura Youth Federation (Gujarat), Kurwai Sports Welfare Academy (MP) and Khizentul Kutubul Islamia (Karnataka) as Simi fronts.

Rejecting any linkages with the Simi, Khair-e-Ummat Trust secretary Ibrahim Khalil Abdi told DNA that they were engaged in providing scholarships, medical facilities and awareness campaigns about government schemes. “Those running the trust are reputed persons.”

“Our chairman Abdul Gani Attarwala is aged nearly 80 and vice-chairman Ali M Shams is also around 70. It is a big joke to link us with Simi,” says Abidi. He claimed their trust was registered with the government and even granted IT-exemption.

Further, the government document says the Simi activists have managed to enter political parties for putting pressure on government to lift ban. 

Moreso, it sympathisers of the SIMI from Jamia Millia Islamia, Hamdard University and JNU had arranged a meting in Delhi in December 2011 pledging they would do anything to get the Babri Masjid reconstructed at the very site.

Further, the three day convention of AIMPLB is scheduled to discuss Muslim responses to right to education, direct tax code, legacy rule in agricultural property and the latest government decision on registration of marriages.


Host of Mumbai convention of AIMPLB a front of SIMI?

By Abu Zafar,,

New Delhi: Many of the participants of the ongoing convention of All India Muslim Personal Law Board in Mumbai may not know that the Khair-e-Ummat Trust, whom they were asked to contact is one of the “fronts/pseudonymous organizations of SIMI” if Central Government is to be believed. In fact, even the office bearers of the Khair-e-Ummat Trust are unaware that Union Home Ministry has listed them as a front organization of banned SIMI.

The letter issued by Maulana Syed Nizamuddin, General Secretary, All India Muslim Personal Law Board asks the invitees to contact the reception committee at the Khair-e-Ummat Trust’s office upon reaching Mumbai on April 20.

When Haroon Mozawalla, General Secretary of Khair-e-Ummat Trust, was contacted by the TCN, he expressed his surprise and said that he was not aware of any such accusation. He also said that he was neither contacted nor given any notice by any government authority.

“We are an independent trust and working in educational field since last 13 years and we don’t have any link with SIMI,” Mozawala told TCN.

According to the website of the Khair-e-Ummat Trust, it is involved in providing educational assistance, scholarships and financial helps to poor patients, admitted in various government hospitals in Mumbai.

The background note of the sixth ban on SIMI submitted by the Central Government to the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Tribunal headed by Justice V.K. Shali alleges, “There are over three dozen fronts/pseudonymous organizations of SIMI which are state specific and being used for carrying out its activities including collection of funds, circulation of literature, regrouping of cadres, etc.”

Khair-e-Ummat Trust has been listed as one such “front/pseudonymous organization” at serial number one under the head of Maharashtra. The background paper lists many other organizations in Kerala, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Delhi.

The background note alleges that “SIMI regrouped its cadres and revived the organization through pseudonymous/front organizations, clandestine meetings and circulations of leaflets, posters and magazines.”

The total number of such alleged front/ pseudonymous organizations is 51 out of which four organizations have been alleged to function at all India level while remaining have been stated to be state specific. The background note gives names of such organizations.

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