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Was Sheikh Mujib ur Rehman born a Hindu? - Sheikh Mujib’s birth history as per affidavit filed in Kolkata in 1923.

Was Sheikh Mujib ur Rehman born a Hindu?
Sheikh Mujib’s birth history as per affidavit filed in Kolkata in 1923

An Appeal sent to the P.M. of Bangladesh
The Minister for Education (of Bangladesh) has instructed that in the new text books Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s life history must be included. It is universally accepted that no one can write history at his will or whims; History always evolves in the natural course of time. Therefore, Madam Prime Minister, appreciating this directive we the people of Bangladesh would humbly appeal with a caution to the Minister that a true and factual history of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman should be incorporated in the text books as the nation deserves to know how we were gifted with a leader of his stature who is being proclaimed as the ‘Father of the Nation’.
To help the Minister in his discourse, I would like to put forward some relevant facts acquired from the preserved documents in the archive of the Indian government not known to many of our countrymen.
In those preserved documents, some relevant information is recorded about the birth history of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his childhood.
In early nineteen twenties, one Mr. Chandi Das was a practicing lawyer in the Civil Court at Kolkata. He had a young beautiful daughter named Gouribala Das. One Mr. Aronnyo Kumar Chakravarti was working as a junior assistant to Mr. Chandi Das. Mr. Chakravarti had a free access to Mr. Das’s residence at his will and used to visit the family frequently. In the process he developed intimate personal illicit relationship with Gouribala. Consequentially, Gouribala became pregnant. When pregnancy was confirmed Gouribala and her father started pressing hard on Mr. Chakravarti to get married. But Mr. Chakravarti being a high cast Brahmin was not only outraged and flatly denied his illicit relationship but audaciously refused to marry Gouribala who belonged to a lower cast. He also disowned the claim that the child was sired by him. Such behavior of Mr. Chakravarti came as a rude shock to the entire family particularly to Mr. Das and he became seriously ill thinking about the ill fate of his beloved daughter’s future.
Finally, Gouribala gave birth to a son on 12.12.1920. The son was named after Mr. Aronnyo Kumar Chakravarti as Dev Das Chakravarti. Thereafter, Mr. Das kept on requesting Mr. Aronnyo to accept Gouribala as his wife and Dev Das as his son but of no avail. In this melee the boy became three years old.
At that time, having no way out Mr. Das begged Sheikh Luthfur Rahman, his Muhuri (Document Writer) to marry Gouribala. The obedient Muhuri obliged Mr. Das and married Gouribala after she and begotten son Dev Das, sired by Mr. Chakravarti got converted into Islam taking the Muslim names Sahera Begum and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
An affidavit No118 dated 10.11.1923, was registered with the Kolkata Magistrate Court in this regard.


1. Mr. Abdur Rahman Shafayet, Court Daroga
Police Station (PS): Vandaria
Post Office: Vandaria
District: Erstwhile Barisal

2. Shree Anil Kumar, Court Daroga
District: Erstwhile Barisal

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