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Text of the Message of Felicitation to Shri Akhilesh Yadav, CM(designated) of UP - Joint Committee of Muslim Organissations for Empowerment

Joint Committee of Muslim Organissations for Empowerment

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10 March, 2012

Text of the Message of Felicitation to Shri Akhilesh Yadav, CM(designated) of UP

My dear Chief Minister,

In UP Assembly Election 2012, the Muslim electorate has overwhelming voted for your party. Their votes have been a positive factor not only in the SP securing record 224 seats but also in raising its vote percentage from about 24% in 2007 to about 30% in 2012.

 The Muslim community had no reason to love the BJP. Also collectively they rejected the BSP for ignoring Muslim grievances, recurring communal violence and indifference to their uplift and their linguistic rights. They also rejected the INC because they saw bluff and opportunism in its electoral promises. They also largely ignored the so-called Muslim mini-parties because of their divisive role, sometimes to the profit of the BJP.

On behalf of the Muslim community & the JCMOE I warmly welcome the installation of the Samajwadi. Government in UP & felicitate you as the Chief Minister & all your colleagues and wish you glorious innings. The JCMOE sincerely hopes that apart from the members of your Government, all your MLA’s shall take due notice of the problems the Muslim face and raise them in the Assembly.

Having placed their Convener trust in the Samajwadi Party the Muslims  hope that its government will implement all the promises made by the leaders during the campaign, apart from those stated in its Manifesto. In particular, the Muslims expect  the Samajwadi Party to urgently provide, by executive acton,  reservation of at least 10% to the MuslimsOBCs, within the OBC quota of 27%, as the ratio of Muslim to Hindu OBCs in UP is 5:3. They expect reservation not only in government jobs and higher education but also in distribution of the benefits of social and economic development to all backward groups and sub-groups on the basis of their population in the State & at Zila prakhand and panchayat levels.

The community also hope that UP, Special Development Fund as notified by the Central funds for  20 Muslim concentration districts will be expeditiously utilized for meeting their expectations in the areas they inhabit and not diverted for executing normal development schemes.

The Muslims also request the leaders of the Samajwadi Party to exert all possible pressure on the Central Government for uplifting them and for expediting the implementation of the recommendations of the Mishra Commission as well as for regular  progress reports on the achievements under Sachar Recommendations & the New 15-Point Programme of the Prime Minister for the Welfare of the Minorities, with disaggregated data for the Muslim minority & other minority groups.

To conclude, on behalf of the Muslim community, we wish you as the leader of the Samajwadi Party a glorious term in office and the opening of a new chapter in the development of the state.

With kind regards,


Syed Shahabudin


Shri Akhilesh Yadav,

Chief Minister (Designated) of Uttar Pradesh,


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