Tuesday, February 14, 2012


                                                      Niloufer Bhagwat
 Within a few minutes of the blast in New Delhi allegedly  on the car  of a staff member of  the Israeli embassy , it was announced that Iran and the Lebanese resistance movement  Hezbollah, were behind the attac.The incident  reveals that  American and Israeli governments among others, renowned for their false flag operations around the world on their own citizens and citizens of other countries, are from sheer exhaustion from their repetitive covert acts in so many countries, losing the touch of the ' Master's Hand' ,and every succeeding operation appears to be more and more botched , crude and a give away .A necessary  question , even as we explore the possibilities , at the very outset of  the  criminal investigation  is , who benefits? The answer in the case of the New Delhi  and  Georgia  blasts is obvious , the beneficiaries are those who have imposed sanctions on Iran as a prelude to attack .
Georgia is to be a part of the coalition of the willing,  for attacks on Iran and Syria after recent confabulations in Washington  . India for reasons of its own energy life line , and  not out of  any moral or legal objections ,  not  having joined in the illegal sanctions regime imposed on Iran, is sought to be  pressurized , as successive governments in India normally  bend over backwards to accommodate USA-UK-Israeli interests, ever since 'neo-liberalism' and   what is known as the 'Washington Consensus' was implemented in India . In the circumstances it  is necessary to artificially create public opinion by covert acts for propaganda, using  long time agents being  interviewed on diverse channels of  the corporate  media, or planting articles in the press , in an attempt  to influence  public opinion ,to prepare for the possibility of severing  all trade relations with Iran, though  India will lose out as much as  Iran . It cannot be ruled out that such are the pressures in the onward march to war ,with the desperation of bankers and financiers fearing an imminent collapse of the dollar and the Euro .
It is irrelevant who planted the bomb, what is material are who are the  conspirators behind the scenes .The Israeli lobby in India  is one and  the same as the lobby of the  United States of America and UK . Israel being  a creation of  Anglo-Saxon  Banking and political  interests,(  as per the communication addressed to a prominent Banker by a member of the British Cabinet when Britain planned the creation of the State of Israel )  and a military outpost of the Empire. Within Israel there is a not only apartheid practiced against Arab citizens  who are the original inhabitants , the non Ashkenazi's or Sephardic citizens of Israel from Asia and Africa , are also  lesser citizens in formulating policy . Therefore Israel's umbilical cord with NATO . It is universally known that the  financial subsidies which facilitate settlements and ongoing colonization of the region originate in Washington , with inter-connectivity between the Israeli weapons industry and major US Arms and Security Companies.
 It was not surprising that  the corporate and print media in India swiftly gave  reactions on TV and in the print media , of those known to be openly partisan to the cause of Israel  , without any investigation  whatsoever by any agency being completed . These propagandists echoed the  statement of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who did not even have a fig leaf to cover his false propaganda  that Iran and the Hezbollah were responsible.When it is widely known in all knowledgeable circles that the Hezbollah does not operate or function beyond the borders of Lebanon  and in its vicinity,  and is primarily a resistance movement of Lebanon .The history of car bombings would reveal that from Ireland to elsewhere , including occupied countries like Iraq, countries targeted  like Libya and Syria , the killings of Chilean diplomats associated with the late  President Allende's government , among several such  incidents all over the world ,that  it is the usual suspects who plan these cowardly attacks as a part of their policy to  traumatize and terrorize the world.
   It is necessary to remember that car bombings have invariably been  instruments of the covert fascist extreme right wing , which is by ideology  anti-humanity , therefore the costs in terms of human lives are never calculated . The costs were not calculated in Ireland and has been the subject matter of several inquiries and investigations . We have seen the bomb blasts in occupied Iraq to kill , maim and spread fear to enable  societal control by occupation forces , deliberately   murdering  innocent citizens of all denominations to incite sectarian warfare ; the  recent murder of scientists in Iran, and the bombing of buildings with hostages inside the building by so called opposition forces in  Syria ,among other acts in several countries .We have seen bombings, killing and maiming in India , to spread an atmosphere of fear and loathing, when religious strife was attempted to be fostered in India . In every single case the question must always be ," WHO BENEFITS"?
   It is clear from the extension of covert acts to India and Georgia among other countries, that  the sanctions and oil embargo imposed on Iran and earlier on Libya and Iraq , had as its objectives not the economic devastation of  these countries alone,  but was  a declaration of war on the energy life line, and commercial and trade interests  of more than one country in pursuit of a currency and  financial war on Asia and other regions of the world . If this is  not understood in  all its ramifications , there is  a catastrophe ahead  not only for Asia , Africa and Latin America, but equally for the majority of  citizens of North America and Europe, bleeding through war and banking frauds.There will be no deliverance from the economic apocalypse facing North America and Europe,  unless the military machine of NATO is halted in its tracks  , as this machine has been set in motion by the bankers and fraudsters protecting themselves at the cost of the destruction of the rest of humanity ,which includes their own compatriots .
 The Third World War which has begun ,aims to pauperize and  bring to its knees not one country  or one region alone . This is a war on the rest of the world  by NATO on behalf of financial interests and  those financing this war and actively promoting it,  include members of the Gulf Co-operation Council .It is a sign of the times , the capitulation of practically every single organ of the United Nations , that Navi Pillay, the UN Commissioner for Human Rights has not addressed a single General Assembly on the human rights violations of countries occupied by NATO and its allies or targeted for occupation,and ignored the collective murder and destruction  perpetrated by Israel on the Palestinian people .

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