Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A LETTER TO THE EDITOR : Israeli agents in India - By Ghulam Muhammed

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A LETTER TO THE EDITOR : Israeli agents in India

India's intelligence community, for the first time should be lauded for being vigilant and not color-blind. The incident of two Israeli citizens in Kochi, on multiple visit visas, attracted the attention of the authorities for paying India Rupee 50,000/- as monthly rental for an average residential property. Rs. 50,000/- is big sum of money, in the country where average rents are a tenth of that amount. The squander of such large sum of money immediately attracted attention, possibly first in the neighborhood and later being reported to security authorities. This incidence has now opened a pandora's box and Indian authorities have suddenly woken up to the danger that while on one side their Foreign Minister S. M. Krishna has been on a goodwill mission to Israel, Israel has other plans focused on India and had unleashed its usual clandestine operators to open 'sleeper cells' all over the country, to prepare Israel and US for any future eventuality. India's intelligence community has been forced to focus on 'Islamic terrorism' under tremendous pressure from the US. They belatedly found out about 'Hindutva Terror'; while hundreds of innocent Indian Muslims rotted in jails and after years being set free by courts, as innocents. The new face of conspirators that has emerged in Kochi will present a very delicate diplomatic dilemma for the Manmohan Singh government as it is becoming more and more dependent on US and Israel for its supposedly 'inadequate' defense and security needs. Muslims, though primarily motivated by their antagonism to Israel over its treatment of Palestine problem, have been warning their government to beware of the universal nature of Jewish/Zionist/Israeli conspiracies. The Kochi incident is a wake-up call for Indian Government and saner elements will wake up from their mypic vision of viewing Israel through the eyes of the Muslim baiters and will independently sound alerts to find out how far this Israeli subversion has gone undetected, while our security agencies have been busy chansing the Muslim 'terrorists'.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


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