Friday, September 2, 2011

Letter of Altaf Hussain [MQM Chief] to Prime Minister Tony Blair of 23 September 2001

Can there be any more damning proof of how THIRD WORLD leaders sell themselves, their organisations, their people and their country to the West, which is always in the market for such saleable commodities. 

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Letter of Altaf Hussain [MQM Chief]to Prime Minister Tony Blair of 23 September 2001

Dear Prime Minister

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) categorically stands against all sorts of terrorism, religious fanaticism and violence, and favours genuine democracy.

We can provide the following:

  1. Many demonstrations in Karachi in favour of the International Community combating terrorism, within five days notice of the agreement being signed, putting hundreds of thousands of people on the streets of Karachi, (providing the permission of the Government of Pakistan is secured). First demonstration is scheduled for 26th of September 2001 in Karachi, the port city of Pakistan.
  2. Provide unlimited resources in humint in the towns and villages throughout the province of Sindh and in the province of Punjab to some extent, to monitor the activities of fundamentalists and Taliban led organisations, and also to monitor the activities of “madrassas” (Religious Schools).
  3. To ensure select groups to penetrate Afghanistan in the form of aid workers so as to enhance Western agencies intelligence information capabilities. 

In return for this assistance, we would seek assurance for the following minimum objectives, which would be held essential for ourselves and the good of Pakistan as a whole. Our objectives are as follows:

a) Equitable participation in the Governance of the province of Sindh and the Federation as partners, genuinely.

b) Equitable participation in all spheres of life including education, employment, army and administration.

c) That would need local policing consisting of Mohajirs and Sindhis. 

d) That full autonomy be granted to provinces with the federation keeping only three subjects: Defence, Foreign Affairs and Currency Control, and in these sectors equal participation of all provinces be guaranteed. 

e) ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) the secret agency must be disbanded otherwise the ISI will continue to produce many more Osama bin Laden and Taliban in the future.

I hope that you would be kind enough to seriously consider my offer for the benefit of Pakistan should any geo-strategic and commercial relevance of Pakistan left for the United Kingdom and the International Community. 

Sd/- Altaf Hussain

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