Saturday, January 16, 2010

Letter to the Editor : US should have learned the lesson from Great Britain, the world’s most successful colonialist By Ghulam Muhammed

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Letter to the Editor

US should have learned the lesson fromGreat Britain, the world’s most successful colonialist

There cannot be any doubt or debate that 18th/19th century Great Britain was the most successful colonial power that the world history has so far witnessed. The more relevant lesson to be learned from history at the moment is; as to how a prolonged war with Axis forces knocked off its economic power base and it had to call on the US to fill in the vacuum caused by its compulsion to pull out of its colonies.

US itself was at one time a British colony and had to fight a protracted war to get its freedom from the British Crown. Still Britain was able to drag the US to leave is shores and venture forth in the name of saving humanity. Some would swear it was all British Jewry’s successful effort that finally sealed America’s fate.

Doubts can be raised if 9/11 should be the designated the landmark event to inaugurate the American Jewish Neo-con’s most potent blueprint for American policy makers to venture forth in the world, while its armed forces were now free from any threat from its post-World War rival, the Soviet Union. But the way America’s foreign forays with state of art armories pounding and devastating country after country, portents are emerging that as America is overreaching its capacity to colonize and hold the colonies, it may face the same fate that befell the British colonialist. There is further corollary that while British called on the US to take over, the most eligible contender to fall to that bait, this time around will be China.

Though people dread a confrontation between US and China, there is a possibility thatChina, instead of challenging the US in any conflagration, will rather use its leverages with the US very judiciously, and take over America’s various international institutional prerogatives as the biggest creditor nation.

On the other hand, it is an open question, if international Zionists have been nourishing any hidden agenda to once again ride the waves and jump on the Chinese bandwagon. Given their specialization in promoting warfare, they would rather promote an armed conflict between US and China. There has never been a devastating war of the scale of the two World Wars on proper Asian soil. Zionist warmongers have their role cut out. It is perpetual war for perpetual peace for the Zionists. Once the world is at peace, Zionists hold, it will come after them, to take revenge for their acts of real or imagined acts of commission or omission.

If America could learn the lessons from the plight of the British colonial power, it should desist from further depleting of its resource reserves and choose a more cooperative life, to offer the world a new alternative of peace with prosperity. Besides, did not British pull out its colonies in such a smooth transition, that none of its own citizens were confronted with wholesale annihilation? Obama should take up that option for the continued prosperity of the US, without its own people coming under physical threats.

It is also time for the Indian policymakers to properly evaluate their moves in walking into the Zionist parlor, with their eyes shut.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

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