Friday, November 6, 2009



Friday, November 06, 2009


Wars have as strange way to spread out just as any jungle fire.

Even though Neo-con’s blue-print of exploiting US armed strength to colonize Muslim world countries, fortunate or unfortunate enough to possess natural oil deposits that became the life-blood of western economies, never scripted homeland becoming another battlefield, war came to the US, even after 9/11.

US strategists, who were expert in instigating civil wars in other countries for their ‘divide and rule’ game-plans, saw the sad day, when the Iraq war rebounded back to US mainland.

A deranged medical officer, supposed to ease the pains and traumatic experiences of the returning US war soldiers, himself cracked and took to arms to fight his one man anti-war with the US armed forces, trying at symbolically, to stop US soldiers going to Iraq and killing innocent people there.

Much that US armed services, as no doubt all armed forces are proud of their disciplined volunteers, it is human to develop one’s own judgments over, if the war that the country is inflicting on others is legitimate or not.  

Major Nidal Hasan, of US army, not only was against the war in Iraq, but desperately decided to physically do something to stop at least some soldiers from going to Iraq and thus present a challenge to Obama to honour his own commitment to call back US troops from Iraq.

Discredited US President George W. Bush, who either used or was himself used by his own diabolic second in command, Dick Cheney (an unannounced master-mind of American Jewish Neo-con strategist group) to misuse US forces to invade Iraq on spurious and illegal pretexts and kill up to million innocent civilians in Iraq, with his cowardly aerial bombings, went down in history as the worst US President not only by US popular standards, but even by global consensus.

America became Ugly America once again, not too, not very long after Viet Nam was got buried in short human memories. The world appeared clueless, impotent, as well as outraged.  There was no stopping this fascist thug machine. With the denouement of the cold war, there was no Soviet power to counter America’s perfidious assault on world conscience.

It is unfortunate that the one that cracked in that Texas army centre bears a Muslim name. But that should not give a handle to the propagandist to turn the incident into an anti-Muslim twist to corrode Americas’ secular polity with their poisonous intents. Thousands will share Major Nidal’s abject distaste for using unbridled wars to achieve nefarious aims of a vocal minority out to hijack America. Never the less, It is regrettable that Nidal chose the same illegal and despicable method that President Bush did. Both in Texas deserve the same justice that Texas is known for.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

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