Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why UNSC members US and UK are worried about Iran while Russia and China are not? - By Ghulam Muhammed

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why UNSC members US and UK are worried about Iran while Russia and Chinaare not?

The simple answer is Israel’s grip on both US and UK.

Both these UN member countries, US and UK, are populated by powerful Israel lobbies that do not leave any stone unturned in trying to impose their undemocratic fascist agenda on the rest of the world. Note how both these countries allowing dual US/Israeli and UK/Israeli citizenship to make the most of a small minority of Jews to cover as much geographical and political area as they covet, beside their supposed homeland, Israel.

Their clout in Russia and China is not much to say; though Russia, the Zionists are treated more or less as pariah out to bring one more revolution in that country, to subvert it for their own world dominance strategies.

Whatever the world is being engaged to scatter its attention span over varying scenarios in world events, the overriding agenda of the Neo-con is to subdue the Muslim World.

The opening shot was fired by the British Jewish scholar, Bernard Lewis, who coined the phrase – Clash of the civilizations – conceptualizing how the next stage of the Jewish dogma of ‘perpetual war for perpetual peace, will unfold.

The next big event was the formation of the Neo-con group that prepared a self-serving thesis – The Project for America’s New Century. (This was whetted by Israeli leaders before being presented to Clinton and others.) The Jewish cabal chose social subjects like democracy, human rights, liberalism, to camouflage their ambitions to entangle the US and use its military prowess to advance their own hegemonical strategies. The small Jewish minority knows how to leverage its intellectual expertise to rule over the world of majorities.

The Kristol cabal surrounded an intellectually dumb US President with inputs to unleash wars on Muslim world and drain US financial resources in a way to enrich their own kind to the detriment of the US tax-payers who are burdened with trillions in debt. In fact, they are possibly convinced that world debt will never be called. And thus they are defrauding the whole world. The credit explosion in exploiting America’s sub-prime mortgage paper trade is just part of the same financial exploitation of the world of finance that is in their grips.

Both Russia and China are at the moment out of their multilayered traps to subvert them into following their lead that is presented to the world as demand of the US and UK. In fact, it is common knowledge that behind the relentless pursuit of the agenda to destabilize string of Muslim countries from Iraq, to IranAfghanistan and Pakistan, are the Jewish conspirators from Israel and victimized nations of US and UK.

Both Russia and China have extensive economic interest in Iran and they only pay lip service to the supposed international concerns over non-proliferation. While the US and Europe is in the grip of Jewish warmongering strategies, the East as represented by Russia, China, India and the rest, are merrily enjoying their economic boom. The more they see US and UK busy in their self-destruction through Jewish warmongering, they more respite they get to develop their own economies.

India’s foreign policy planners should remain alert to the choices available to them, whether to get sucked in by the Western conspiracies or better build up their own independent trip devices to warn them, when they are sliding into the Western dug up quagmire. China’s independent route to economic development should not be overlooked, especially as a model to remain engaged with the West, only to the extant not being overwhelmed by them.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

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